I am not a very active person when it comes to sports. The only sport I practice at the moment is climbing. But besides that I'm looking for challenges from time to time, especially during my vacations. A few things I have done: riding a jetski, diving in the Mediterranean, bungee jumping at lake Balaton (Hungary), parasailing above the Black Sea and riding a mountain bike in the woods of Toscane (Italy).

Outside my vacations I like challenges as well. Therefore it is sometimes difficult for my parents to get me a gift for my birthday. For example, my twenty-first birthday my parents gave me a helicopterflight. Not just flying as a passenger, but actually flying the helicopter myself. It was possible in Belgium on the airport of Namur. My father is also crazy about flying, so he joined me. That day we had to get up early to be on time at the airport in Namur. In the morning we had to take a short course about piloting a helicopter. Piloting a helicopter is very difficult. You need both hands and feet to control the machine. In the afternoon we could finally do it ourselves. I flew the helicopter for about half an hour and it was an experience I will never forget.
Stijn in Helikopter

In the future I want to accept a few more challenges. I think it is great is to go Paragliding (flying of a mountain with a sort of parachute), skydiving or bungee jumping from a bridge higher then 100 meters. I believe that is possible to do that somewhere in the United States, so I can combine it with an other challenge; a world trip. I also think it would be cool to make a spaceflight, flying a jetfighter or driving a formula-1 racing car.

I realise that not all of the things mentioned above are possible, but I think everybody needs a few dreams. What would you do if all your dreams came true?